Wally Finn

Time to celebrate! The annual holiday is coming up fast. It’s traditionally the last holiday of the summer, and like Memorial Day, you never know what kind of weather you’re going to get! I can remember both holiday weekends seeing fisherman dressed head to toe in rain gear and warm clothes. And other years, it’s t-shirts and shorts. Let’s hope for the fisher people’s sake it’s the later. It doesn’t bother me either way, especially the rain. As my friend Brian’s grandpa used to say when it would rain, “Don’t matter to the fish. They’re already wet!”

As for a report, from what I’ve seen down here with my friends the walleye, we’ve kind of scattered and spread out and are not as tightly schooled as we were earlier in the season. So I’d cover water with a little faster method during the day. The evening still brings a decent bobber bite, but if you’re not getting bit, keep movin’. My toothy friends have been solid in the weeds for some time now and should stay that way. Some muskies are being caught, but I sure haven’t seen a lot of people fishing for them. Smallies are still strong on the deeper rocks and seem to be getting the main share of pressure. Enjoy the upcoming holiday and God bless the travelers.

Loose lines and tight lips,


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