Wally Finn

Summer is definitely in full swing in the Mille Lacs area. With the outside temperatures heating up, the water temps in my living room are too. As the water warms up, our metabolism increases. And you know what that means? Yes, we need to eat more! With warmer water, everything speeds up. That means your fishing presentation can too. Aggressively jigging a Rapala is a great way to catch active fish–especially if you’re marking schools on your electronics. Another tactic that works very well is a spinner rigged with a night crawler. My wise father told me to watch out for these spinner rigs when the big green drake mayflies start hatching out of the mud and to not get fooled by the tasty presentation.

In their recent report , Terry’s Boat harbor said: Walleyes remain an easy catch with leeches, minnows and crawlers throughout the lake (I resent that comment). The points, rocks, shoreline breaks and mud flats are all producing walleyes during the day. Smallmouth remain active on the rocks. There’s a few pike on the weed lines in the bays. Muskie anglers are having success on the points and weed lines as well.

I’ve also noticed some boats trolling out on the mud flats. Some are looking for my friends the walleyes, and others are going quite a bit faster with large, shiny (and expensive looking) muskie lures. So if that’s the type of thing that flips your minnow, get out there!

Loose lines and tight lips,


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