Wally Finn

I was perusing through one of my favorite outdoor publications when I came across a report from the DNR about the take (or mainly post mortality deaths) of my friends the walleyes. Brad Parsons, the fisheries chief, shared the figures for the first half of July at 20,718 pounds of hooking mortality – or an estimated 8,154 fish. That is fairly similar to last year during that same period. He went on to say there was a fair amount of pressure as well at an estimated 89,453 angling hours. The pressure being what it is, he said he’s just glad to see people are going to the lake. The May tally was 15,647 pounds, and June was 16,298 pounds.

So that brings the total poundage from Dec. 15 to the middle of July to 68,177 pounds out of the allocated 87,800 pounds, leaving 19,623 pounds for the rest of the open water season. I hope that all makes sense to you, because I’m just a fish. So that’s all Greek to me. I can tell you there sure seems to be a lot of us down here, which is a good thing. As I previously mentioned in past columns, the water is very warm now, so please be gentle with us and keep the time out of the water to a minimum – if at all.

Loose lines and tight lips, Wally

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