Wally Finn

I heard someone say once “if it feels like fall, fish like it’s fall.” Well, it’s definitely feeling like fall! With the water temps going from extreme highs (not that long ago), they are now on the drop. This will key the fish into their first of the fall patterns. Generally, the first cool down of late summer will begin to bring the fish back near shore and into shallower water from their peak summer haunts. On Mille Lacs that means they should be coming in from the mid lake areas and start hanging on the secondary breaks more related to shore.

It’s like the reverse of spring. The fish start shallow after spawning and then gradually work there way deeper as the water warms and the summer progresses. Now it’s the opposite. As the water cools, the fish will begin to come back to the shoreline areas again. Now this is just a general rule. I’m sure you can catch fish in the middle of the lake in both spring and the fall.

Right now, lead core is still working well out on the mud and deep main lake areas. As is bobbers and other live bait presentations. But it shouldn’t be long now that the fish should be accessible in the shallower near shore areas. This will be the first fall in six years that anglers will be able to target walleyes on the big lake. Should be interesting to see what happens out there!

Loose lines and tight lips,


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