Wally Finn

Well, I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend – and had a chance to think about what you’re thankful for during these crazy times! Also, if you didn’t thank a veteran for their service, there’s never a bad time to do that.

Fishing has been great. I still can’t believe the traffic out there. I think it started the Wednesday before to tell you the truth.

Right now, any type of bottom presentation has been working, especially if you’re using live bait. It’s hard to beat a jig and shiner right now in the sand, and lindy rigging shiners or leeches is a close second. But don’t overlook the rocks either. The thing about using live bait is not to let them have it too long, or the fish will swallow it. If this happens, cut the line at the mouth. Do not rip the hook out. Remember last week’s column? The key to catch-and-release is releasing the fish alive and in as little amount of time as possible. So set the hook right away. Don’t worry if you miss the fish. I’d rather miss the fish than gut hook them. And the best part about Mille Lacs is you’ll probably have lots of bites to make up for any misses.

Artificial baits are working too. Paddle tails on jigs and crankbaits are the most popular; although, I do know a lot of walleye that have been caught by bass fisherman on a variety of artificial. The best part about artificials is you normally hook the fish in the mouth, and the odds of them swallowing it are slim. Plus, you might want to get out and try some because with the shutdown in July, there will be a live bait ban for walleye the entire month.

Loose lines and tight lips,


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