Wally Finn

I was talking to my toothy friends, the pike and muskies, and they told me they’re getting pretty cranked up now. The plentiful sunshine has grown a nice crop of weeds for lots of small bait fish to hide in. and my friends are taking full advantage of it! As for the fisherman, it sounds like a spinnerbait with single up riding hooks is the ticket to get down into the vegetation to root out the lunkers – especially northern pike. Some anglers are putting a white grub (twister tail) on the back hook to further enhance the action. Up top, an in line bucktail will do the trick to ride high and fast over the tops of the weeds. This can trigger reaction strikes from pike and muskies. A grub or two can also be placed on the back treble of this bait as well.

As far as catching some of my close friends – the walleyes – it sounds like any live bait rig is turning the trick out on the deep mud and gravel. I’ve actually seen a lot of spinners with crawlers on them coming by that look mighty tasty! Bobbers are still working as well, but are used mostly during the low light periods. Smallmouth are still active in the shallow rocks, and a few walleyes can be picked up amongst them as well. Till next time.

Loose lines and tight lips,


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