Wally Finn

Well, now that the walleye season is shut down, I guess my report is going to have to branch out–even though I do like talking about myself! But let me tell ya, it’s gotten a lot quieter down here, and I mean a lot! It still seems really strange that the season is shut down–after all, aren’t we your state fish? But, on the flip side, there are a lot us down here, and we’ll just have to enjoy our alone time until the season opens up again. And I’m sure we can still find some smallmouth people to mess with if we get too bored!

On another note, my toothy friends are still at it and look to be pretty active. Muskie action is happening all over the lake. Casting or trolling the north end sand and trolling the mid-lake mud flats are the two top patterns from what I’ve heard. Pike are still active in the weeds, and anything you can get through them is producing. A spinnerbait would be the number one option. Boy, I tell ya, when I see those big lures come flying by, I can’t get out of the way quick enough! So if you’re interested in some toothy critters, sounds like they’re biting.

Loose lines and tight lips,


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