Wally Finn

I was checking out an outdoor rag the other day and saw that Mike Verdeja was talking about “tips for late season walleyes on Mille Lacs” and thought I’d share a few of his tips with you. He said the bite has been hot this winter but is now slowing a bit and mentioned a few things you could do to improve your luck for the remainder of the season (Feb. 23 is the last day). Mille Lacs is known for crowding anglers in on a spot–winter and summer, but Mike say’s that’s a no-no. It’s a big lake–get away from the crowd. Get back to the inside structure; you don’t have to go way out in the lake. The far stuff is good before the crowds get out there, but the shoreline breaks that drop into 30 feet and are just as good. The soft bottom transitions/edges in the bays and close to shore will start loading up with perch and other bait fish.

He also recommended not fishing too many lines in your house and spreading them out with tip-ups to cover more water. And make sure you use an 8-10’-foot, 8-pound test leader and not too much flash. A hook and split shot will do. If fish appear sluggish, go to a smaller minnow. This guy is giving away all our secrets! So, there’s some good advice from a local guide out of Wahkon. Thanks Mike!

Loose lines and tight lips,


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