Wally Finn

Well, we finally got a few days of cooler weather last week. Geez, it’s been a hot summer!

Now the big subject is the re-opening of the walleye season on August 1. The numbers that I’ve heard sound reasonable for it to happen, but I’m just a fish, a fisheries specialist of sorts – if you get my drift. The shutdown in July was actually well-timed as the water temps spiked into the low 80s earlier in the month. This is really bad for the mortality rate of released fish. So if there was a silver lining to the July closure, that would be it. Let’s hope we get some relief from the heat in August.

With all this hot water, I figured my friends the tullibees would be starting to have a hard time. They like cooler temps and generally stay deep as the surface temps rise. But they also follow the food. Sometimes when they’re feeding, they get a little too high in the water column and then don’t have the strength to get back down to the cooler water. That’s why you’ll see them struggling on the surface until they die.

I think a lot of people see the white bellies and automatically assume they’re dead walleye. But on closer inspection, you’ll clearly see they are very silvery and shaped different with very sharp pointy fins.

Now, I’ve seen the tullibee die off a lot worse, so don’t get me wrong. It’s very normal for this time of year and actually points towards a decent population, which is good news considering there was talk just a few years ago about the population declining.

I can tell you one thing; when those fish are little, they sure are tasty! Why, I’d take a juvie tully over just about anything else that swims in the lake.

As for a fishing update, it sounds like there have been a few muskies caught, so if your into that sort of thing, grab your pole and get out there.

Loose lines and tight lips,


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