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I know firearm season opened this past weekend, but I heard of a couple giant bucks arrowed over in Morrison County that I had to share. Ben and son Brady Husom along with father-in-law Tim Stout from Hillman had been bow hunting quite a bit this season and finally hit the jackpot, twice!

Here’s the story on Ben’s deer told by Ben:

I jumped a doe and small buck on my walk to the stand at 4:30 p.m. At 4:55 p.m., a doe walked by me 5 yards away. I knew the rut was on and that a buck may be with her. I sat back down, and five minutes later, I heard grunting and leaves rustling. I thought it may be the smaller buck I jumped earlier, but I was up and ready anyway. When I saw the deer, I could see tines that were pointing in the wrong direction. I knew it was a good buck. I stopped it in my shooting lane at full draw with a quick whistle. It stopped at 12 yards, and the arrow passed right through. It ran 50 yards towards Brady, and he saw it go down. I waited until dark to get down so Brady could finish hunting. I saw four more bucks that night from the stand.

Here’s the story on Brady’s deer told by Ben:

After I shot my deer, Brady was very determined to get a deer with his bow before rifle season started. Brady hunted for seven days straight in the evenings. He would rush home after school just to get some time in the stand. About 20 minutes before dark, Brady had not seen anything at all, so he started to rattle to try to attract a buck. After about a minute and a half of rattling, he saw a buck sprinting in, coming right for him. The buck stopped 30 yards away in the brush and started walking in the opposite direction. Brady then used his grunt call, and the buck turned and walked straight to his tree. Brady shot it at 7 yards! Both bucks were shot from two different stands that were only 60 yards from each other.

Quite an exciting story, guys. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations to you all!

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