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This November, three Mille Lacs Soil and Water Conservation District(SWCD) supervisor positions will be up for election. Candidates are not required to have any specific past experience, and anyone with interest in advancing water quality in Mille Lacs County is encouraged contact the SWCD to learn more about the elected position.

Soil and water boards are unique local government units, each represented by local, elected citizens from all walks of life. SWCDs are not regulatory but rather support landowners and farmers in achieving their goals of improved water quality.

Mille Lacs County has a total of five supervisor positions, each representing different groups of townships. On the ballot this year are the seats from District 1 (Princeton, Greenbush and Bogus Brook Townships), District 2 (Milo, Milaca and Borgholm Townships) and District 3 (Bradbury, Onamia, South Harbor and Kathio Townships.) Although supervisor positions are voted on countywide, candidates must reside within the boundary of the district they wish to represent.

Supervisors meet monthly at public board meetings, held on the second Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m. Many supervisors participate in sub-committee meetings as well. Expect roughly 4 to 12 hours of time investment per month. Supervisors are compensated for time and mileage for approved meetings.

Mille Lacs County is unique because it is compromised of many different land forms and uses, ranging from forests and wetlands to grazing and tillage acreages. The district assists with a wide range of projects throughout the county ranging from groundwater protection and invasive weed monitoring to reduced tillage and buffer implementation for farmers and shoreline stabilization for private landowners.

The district also hosts and annual tree sales and educational programs every spring and works with local townships and municipalities to apply for grant funds throughout the year.

The filing period for these positions runs from May 19 to June 4, 2020. Filing can be done in-person at the Mille Lacs Historic Courthouse in Milaca at the county auditor’s office.

More information on filing for public office can be found at

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