Jessica Patterson

The Raider Recognition award was given by Onamia School Superintendent JJ Vold to English teacher, Jessica Patterson.

Onamia School Superintendent JJ Vold said at the last regular Onamia School Board meeting, “It is my honor to acknowledge Jessica Patterson with the first ever official Raider Recognition.  The word that comes to mind to best describe Jess Patterson in the classroom ... is magical.  When you see the highest level of teaching and learning between teacher and student live in action, it’s truly magical. And Jess has that special gift.”   

Vold went on to say that she builds relationships with all of her students, colleagues, and parents, she is greatly respected by her students, colleagues, and parents, and she is a remarkable teacher. 

 Jess has most recently been teaching 7th and 8th graders. She has also been the English teacher in the Success program, supporting fifth and sixth grade students in past years through co-teaching and providing 1:1 interventions, along with teaching seventh and eighth grade through the Achievement and Integration grant as well. Jess has a true passion for reading and she instills that passion in her students.   

Jess also teaches X classes after school, tutors and supports students, and she is always there to teach these extra programs after school etc. and has long been an advocate for out-of-school time programs. She helped with multiple summer musicals, started the 7-8 Grade X-Classes several years ago, and oversaw a Pokemon club, along with various other duties and projects. 

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