Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Office

Deputies recognized

Pictured are Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Kyle Burton, deputy Caleb Sawatsky, deputy Ethan Meyer, and Mille Lacs County Sheriff Don Lorge.

Mille Lacs County Sheriff Don Lorge and Chief Deputy Kyle Burton recognized two deputies before the Mille Lacs County Board of Commissioners for their efforts during a tense situation that arose in August. 

Burton said that on August 7 deputies were called out on a report of a suicidal person who may have shot them self in Princeton Township. The person was lost in a cornfield, and deputies Ethan Meyer and Caleb Sawatsky had to make a choice of whether to go into the cornfield or not, given the unknowns and possible danger to themselves with such an environment. 

In lieu of the risk, Burton said, the officers proceeded into the cornfield and found the person injured badly with a gunshot to the chest. 

“They went into life saving efforts,” said Burton, adding that the person was then flown to a trauma center and still alive today because of their heroic efforts. “The family is very appreciative of their actions. We deal with these types of mental health crises often, sometimes daily, and our deputies are professional and compassionate.”

Sheriff Lorge said, “This isn’t anything unusual. Our men and women are faced with these types of things all the time. We’re in a very active county here, and our men and women see a lot of tragedy. We want to say ‘thank you’ to these two fine gentlemen and also want to thank all the men and women in law enforcement.”

As an aside, Burton stated that the Sheriff’s Office is currently fundraising for their K-9 unit. “Our program has always been supported by donations, and looking ahead to the future, we are fundraising to replace two dogs,” he said and added that they’ve already raised in excess of $14,000 and are just getting started. 

“It shows the support from the community,” said Burton. One dog is about $10,000, he added. 

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