Jail Roster

Friday, June 25

Stevie Back, 29, MLC warrant Misd com asslt

Edward Beehler, 52, MN DOC warrant Fel drug poss

Jarvis Harrington, 29, MLC warrant  Fel 5th Deg Drug poss MLC warrant, Fel 5th Deg Drug Poss x2 MLC warrant, Fel 5th Deg Drug Poss, Misd Flee On Foot Fel Check Forgery

Nikki Potvin, 29, MLC warrant Fel 3rd Deg Murder, Fel 2nd Deg Manslaughter.

Saturday, June 26

Ian Frederickson, 24, Fel 2nd deg asslt

Lucas Ward, 30, MLC warrant Fel Dom Asslt, Fel Harrassment

Sunday, June 27

Anthony Kalland, 41, Fel 1st deg drug sales

Rose Killspleny, 18, GM 4th deg asslt, Misd underage drinking

Michelle Mitchell, 42, GM DAC-IPS, Misd No Proof of Ins

Derek Smith, 39, MLC warrant Fel Card Fraud, Fel DWI

Monday, June 28

Milton Gomez, 28, Misd 4th Deg DWI, Misd DWI

Gary LaPoint, 29, Misd Dis Cond

Douglas Wenzel, 36, Misd Dom Asslt

Constance Marx, 50, Kandiyohi Co Warrant, GM DWI

Ryan Pacheco, 19, MLC Warrant GM 5th Deg Asslt

Dallas Sam, 32, Fel 2nd DEg Asslt, Fel Agg Robb, Fel MV Theft, Fel Rec Stol Prop

Darren White, 23, Fel 2nd Deg Burg, Fel 3rd Deg Burg, Fel CDTP, Fel Rec Stol Prop

Tyler Wisniewski, 21, MLC warrant Fel Dom Asslt, Fel CDTP

Tuesday, June 29

Joseph Gurneau, 46, Crow Wing Co Warrant GM DWI

Charles Sam, 33, MLC Warrant Misd DANCO Viol

Wednesday, June 30

Brandon Cunningham, 23, MLC warrant Fel PV 5th Deg Drugs Poss

Sarah Mcconaha, 28, Misd child neglect

Karissa Nickaboine, 29, 5th Deg Drugs Poss, GM false name, Misd Poss Need, MLC warrant Fel PV Dom Asslt, MLC warrant Fel GM PV 5th Deg Drugs Poss, MLC warrant Fel GM PV 5th Deg Drugs Poss

Royal Noe, 36, GM NO Ins

ur, MISD DAR, MISD Poss Para, PM Drugs

Thursday, July 1

Gabriel Chips, 26, Trespassing

Monica Weets, 53, MLC warrant Fel Embezzlement, Fel Theft X2

Sir Rilee Peet, 29, Fel 4th Deg Asslt

Davion Rapier, 23, GM Interf W/911 Call, GM Obst LEG PRO, MISD 5th Deg Asslt

Jilleen Moore, 38, GM DWI X3, GM Obst LEG PRO

Isaiah Baity, 37, MLC warrant Fel 5th Deg Drug Poss

Friday, July 2

April Weyaus, 35, MLC warrant Fel Theft, Kanabec warrant GM False Names, Stearns warrant GM Theft

Harley Stubbs, 29, MLC warrant MISD Dom Asslt

Natasha Sam, 27, Fel 5th Deg Poss, Fel Simulated Drugs

Darrell Hawkins, 58, MISD Disor Cond, MISD Indecent Exp

Shelby Harrington, 31, A&D Hold Prob Viol

Paschen Christensen, 34, Mlc warrant Fel 5th Deg Drugs, MISD DWI

Saturday, July 3

Brian Mcquillan, 70, GM Driving after cancellation, Fel Criminal Veh Op, MISD Obst Legal Pro. GM DWI Refuse to submit to chemical, GM DWI 3rd Deg, GM DWI 3rd Deg, Fel Traffic Coll - Driver fail to stop

Sheryl Graybill, 57, DOC warrant Fel Sentences Rev of Stay

Sunday, July 4

Timothy Vredenburg, 47, MISD Theft

Clinton Schroeder, 47, Fel DANCO, MISD Fleeing a Peace Officer on foot

Cheri Birchem, 28, Fel Drugs 5th Deg, Misd Gave False name

Monday, July 5

Nathan Wind, 26, MLC Fel 5th Deg Drug Poss

Levin Nickaboine, 23, Fel DANCO

Joshua Pendegayosh, 29, Wright warrant MISD Dis Cond

Ashley Nickaboine, 29, MLC warrant Fel Drugs 5th Deg, MLC warrant Drugs Fel 3rd Deg Sale, MLC warrant MISD Theft, Crow Wing warrant Fel 3rd Deg Burg, Stearns warrant Failure to Appear, Heenepin warrant MISD Theft

 Tuesday, July 6

Dale Anderson, 40, Fel Dom Asslt, Fel Dom Asslt Strangulation

Jeremiah Holmberg, 40, MLC warrant Fel 2nd Deg Drug Sales

Johanna Franzen, 38, GM CVO, GM No Insur, MISD DAR

Hevin Shingobe, 21, GM 5th Deg Drug Poss

Ke;vin Shingobe, 57, GM DAC-IPS

Chelsea Tye, 24, MLC warrant MISD DIS Cond, PM Marijuana, PM Poss Para

Jerry White, 29, MLC warrant, Fel P.V. Dom Asslt

Wednesday, July 7

Lucus Yost, 23, MISD DWI, MISD 4th Deg DWI X2

Trevor Newman, 23, MISD DOM Abuse NO CON Order

Katie Orton, 35, Prob Viol Warrant, GM DWI

Cameron Weous, 30, MLC warrant Fel 5th Deg Drugs, MLC Uninsured Veh, MISDDriv after Revo, PMISD Rear Lamps, MISD Windshield GEN PROH

Masceo Jackson, 19, Fel Predatory OFF, Fel REV of Stay, GM 5th Deg Drugs, MISD Pharm Poss.

Travis Magney, 36, Fel Flee in Motor Veh, Fel REC STO PROP, Fel 5th Deg Drugs, GM Driv After Canc, GM Uninsur Veh, MISD Unreg Veh

Thursday, July 8

Savannah Lafaurie, 35, MLC warrant

Michael Mackin, 72, Fel 2nd Asslt

Eric Reddinger, 45, DOC warrant

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