Sheriff’s Report

Friday, September 3

Theft, 330th St, Onamia, 10:27 am

Theft of gates, 40th Ave, Isle, 10:59 am

Possible vehicle fire, US Hwy 169, Onamia, 12:45 pm

Theft of meds, US Hwy 169, Onamia, 1:24 pm

Saturday, September 4

Loose dogs, Hwy 27, Wahkon, 8:54 am

Theft, Quail Rd, Onamia, 12:23 pm

Medical - bee sting allergic, Mille Lacs Parkway, Isle, 4:46 pm     

Suspicious activity, Eyota Way, Onamia, 7:15 pm

Sunday, September 5

Theft of vehicle, US Hwy 169, Onamia, 12:56 am

Found dog, US Hwy 169, Onamia, 1:41 am

DANCO violation - no contact order, Stevens Rd, Onamia, 4:02 pm

Verbal domestic, Stevens Rd, Onamia, 5:37 pm

Monday, September 6

Duress alarm, Viewpoint Rd, Isle, 12:19 am

Suspicious activity, Quail Rd, Onamia, 2:10 pm

Lost property - wallet, Isle  2:49 pm

Theft, Lost Creek Rd, Garrison, 9:16 pm

Tuesday, September 7

DANCO violation - no contact order, Anderson Lake Rd, Isle, 3:29 am

Assault, Onamia, 8:08 am

Card fraud, Twight Light Rd, Onamia, 3:24 pm

Distracted driving, Onamia, 3:59 pm

Wednesday, September 8

Missing adult, Woodward Lane, Whakon, 6:19 am

Trespass complaint, Twight Light Rd, 9:10 am

Abandon dog, Twight Light Rd, Onamia, 1:24 pm

Child custody, Beaver Bend, Garrison, 7:57 pm

Thursday, September 9

Theft, US Hwy 169, Onamia, 9:19 am

Trespass complaint, US Hwy 169, Onamia, 12:13 pm

Suspicious activity, Onamia Dam Rd, Onamia, 5:12 pm

Suspicious activity, Quail Rd, Onamia, 5:19 pm

Jail Roster

Friday, September 3

Donovan Edginton, 20, misd dom asslt, misd asslt 5th deg

Sam Lesley, 27, MLC wrnt, neg of child x2, end of child x2, PV GM drugs 5th deg

Jordan Smith, 22, fel 5th deg drug poss, MISD poss ndles, MISD poss para, MLC wrnt, MISD DWI x2, MISD mara poss, MISD open bot, MISD dar, MLC wrnt, MISD danco, MLC wrnt, MISD dang weapons, MLC wrnt, GM 5th deg drug poss, MISD danco, MISD poss ndle, MISD open bot

Madsen Maybrick, 33, fel 5th deg drug poss, MISD dar, MISD flee on foot, MISD obst leg pro, PM poss drug para

Saturday, September 4

Dominique Watson, 31, fel 5th deg drug poss

Sunday, September 5

Shaun Whitcraft, 40, fel thrts of viol, GM obst leg pro, MISD dis cond, MISD asslt

Phillip Barker, 35, MISD dom asslt

Christina Green, 39, MISD dom asslt

Stephanie Wagner, MISD danco viol

Monday, September 6

No reports

Tuesday, September 7

Sir Peet, 19, fel asslt 4th deg

David Conter, 22, GM DWI x3Q

Amber Day, 35, Pine Co wrnt, fel drug poss

Cristen Johnson, 28, MLC wrnt, fel drugs

Savannah Lafaurie, 35,  MLC wrnt, GM DWI x2

Wednesday, September 8

Sara Lewis, 36, GM DAC-IPS, GM no ins, MISD veh reg

Katie Orton, 36, MLC wrnt, DM DWI

Mackenzie Olson, 26, MISD asslt 5th deg

Cameron Stanger, 29, GM unins veh - drvr, MIS dar, MISD fail to stop

Thursday, September 9

Gabriel Chips, 26, MLC wrnt, fel aiding off, MLC wrnt, fel 5th deg drug poss, MISD trespass, MLC wrnt, fel 5th geg drug poss, MLC wrnt, MISD trepass

Leonard Garbow, MLC wrnt, GM 5th deg asslt

Edward Nadeau, MLC wrnt, GM 5th deg drugs

Jonathan Bury, 38, MLC wrnt fel P.V. 1st deg burg

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