Sheriff’s Report

Friday, September 17

Suspicious vehicle, Hwy 169, Onamia, 8:41 am

Dog fight, 55th Ave Wahkon, 9:58 pm

Theft - catalytic converter, Hwy 27, Onamia, 4:26 pm

Shed on fire, 22nd Ave, Isle, 9:59 pm

Saturday, September 18

Remove unwanted, Anderson Lake Dr, Isle, 2:35 pm

Medical overdose, Southport Dr, Garrison, 4:15 am

Civil issue, Whislte Rd, Isle, 7:08 am

Sounds of gun shots, Hwy 27, Wahkon, 4:23 pm

Sunday, September 19

Theft of generator, Captive Lake Rd, Garrison, 8:25 am

Motorcycle vs car, Garrison, 2:45 pm

Hunting accident, Isle, 5:33 pm

Assault, 330th St, Onamia, 11:00 pm

Monday, September 20

Suspicious activity, Hwy 169, 1:00 am

Disturbance, Elm St, Onamia, 1:14 am

Stop sign/speed, Isle, 8:29 am

Public assist, Isle, 10:00 pm

Tuesday, September 21

Accident, Onamia, 6:03 am

Domestic, High Dr, Garrison, 8:20 am

Female broken ribs, Hwy 169, Onamia, 8:48 am

Suspicious vehicle, Twilight Rd, Onamia, 10:33 pm

Wednesday, September 22

Search warrant, Eyota Way, Onamia, 8:46 am

Suspicious activity, Hwy 47, Isle, 12:34 pm

Domestic, 320th St, Onamia, 5:56 pm

Disturbance, Swing away, Garrison, 7:32 pm

Thursday, September 23

Disturbance, 360th St, Onamia, 7:50 am

Vehicle vs bulldozer, Onamia, 8:40 am

Theft, 100th St, Onamia, 10:56 am

Juvinule runner, Eagle Flight, Garrison, 11:38 pm

Jail Roster

Friday, September 17

Thomas Brumbeater, 53, MLC wrnt x2, fel 5th deg drug poss, GM DAC-IPS

Roland Anderson, 61, GM DAC-IPS

Dawn Shingobe, 61, MLC

wrnt, fel 5th deg drug poss

Dwight Steele, 41, MLC wrnt x2, fel card fraud, fel flee in MV, fel 4th deg asslt, GM DAC-IPS

Saturday, September 18

Kevin Shingobe, 21, MLC wrnt x3, fel 5th drug poss


Michael Ericson, 55, GM unins veh, MISD false info, MISD driving after susp, MISD drugs

Lacey Garbow, 30, GM unins veg, MISD driving after revo

Sunday, September 19

Jennifer Jenson, 43, fel 5th deg drug poss, PMISD drug poss, MISD pharm poss/cont

Brandon Lehmn, 38, MLC wrnt GM driving after revo

Chad Rogers, 40, MLC wrnt GM 5th deg drugs

Monday, September 20

Nora Berkholz, 22, MLC wrnt, GM 5th deg drug poss, MISD DWI

Ethan Benson, 20, MISD dom asslt

Cameron Harrington, 20, MLC wrnt, fel dom asslt, MISD underage consump

James Searles, 68, GM 4th deg asslt x2, GM obst leg pro

Ray Sowell, 33, fel dom asslt, GM int w/911

Theodore Davis, 47 MISD danco vio

Jeromy Kyostia, 40, MLC wrnt, fel 5th drug poss

Sheila Wakanabo, 43, MLC  wrnt, MISD DWI

Chastity Burnette, 47, MLC  wrnt

Tuesday, September 21

Gerald Elling, 25, MLC  wrnt, PV DWI 4th deg

John Mason, 33, MLC  wrnt, GM drugs 5th deg, MISD drugs poss over 1.4 grams

Marcell Estes, 33, fel poss pistol, fel drugs 5th deg

Levi Anderson, 19, GM DWI 2nd deg, GM DWI op veh, MISD proof of ins, PM drug poss

Danielle George, 38, MLC  wrnt x2, MISD theft less than $500 x2

Wednesday, September 22

Troy Johnson, 51, GM 5th deg drug poss, MISD no POI, PM poss para

Brandon Obermoeller, 51, MLC wrnt, fel P.V. 2nd deg burglary

Sam Jayson, 30, fel 1st deg drug poss

Keith Bosworth, 36, GM CVO, MISD fail to stop crash

Simone Boyd-Evans, 30, MLC wrnt x3, MISD theft, MISD rec stol prop, MISD poss needles, fel rec stol prop

Sam Randall, 25, MLC wrnt x3, fel 5th deg drug poss x2, MISD dom asslt

Thursday, September 23

Eric Sablan-Alger, 20, MISD danco, viol, MISD theft

Adrian Wade, 44, MLC wrnt x2, MISD theft, MISD trespass, fel 5th deg drug poss

Chelsea Benjamin, 21, fel 5th deg drug poss x2

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