Sheriff’s Report

Friday, April 9

Possible mental health issues - Swing-A-Way, 8:01 am, Garrison, time - disp entry.

Welfare check - Quail Rd, Onamia, 10:19 am

Trespass complaint - 150th St., Milaca, 11:16 am

Susp activity - 350th St., Onamia, 11:40 am

Burglary - Hwy 23, Milaca, 6 pm

Juvenile complaint - 130 Ave, Onamia, 10:04 pm, 2 runners

Saturday, April 10

Disturbance - Hwy 169, Onamia, 12:32 am - Dispatch entry.

Medical - Railroad Ave, Onamia, 2:24 pm - brief description.

Ongoing goat issues - 170th Ave, Foreston, 4:48 pm - Dispatch entry

Vandalism - 385th St., Onamia, 7:05 pm - dispatch entry.

Sunday, April 11

Suicidal party - Onamia, 1:56 am

Community contact - Main St. Isle, 6:09 pm

Garbage dumping - 260th St., Milaca, 6:15 pm - dispatch entry.

Monday, April 12

Theft of gas - 350th St., Onamia, 9:08 am - dispatch entry.

Medical - Union Rd., Isle, 10:59 am -

Gas drive off - Hwy 169, Onamia, 2:19 pm - dispatch entry

Stolen vehicle - 6th St., Princeton, 7:24 pm - dispatch entry.

Tuesday, April 13

Jail incident - Milaca, 9:48 am - High risk watch.

Medical - 125th Ave. Onamia, 10:24 am - Juvi. medical transport for asthma issues.

Transport - Robert St., St. Paul, 12:35 pm - COVID tests for jail to MN Dept of Health.

Animal - 125th Ave. Onamia, 3:32 pm - Found dog

Wednesday, April 14

Medical - Timber Trail Rd., Onamia, 2:29 am - Medical/shest pain.

Jail incident - 3rd St. Milaca, 2:49 am.

Juvenile complaint - 130 Ave., Onamia, 4:09 pm

Pursuit - Milaca, 8:23 pm

Thursday, April 15

Alarm - 395th St., Isle, 7:16 am - Commercial brug alarm.

Animal - Swing-A-Way, Garrison, 9:44 am - Found dog.

DVC (Domestic violence court) - Oak St., Isle, 11:21 am - Dispatch entry.

Suicidal party - Milaca, 12:23 am

Accident - Garrison, 1:44 am

 Friday, April 16

Transport - Robert St. N, St. Paul, 8:37 am -COVID test drop off.

Medical - South Port Dr., Garrison, 12:03 pm - Overdose.

Suspicious Activity - Isle, 2:34 pm - Father Hennepin Park Rd.

Agency assist - Hwy 47 Isle, 6:47 pm - Shoplifter.

Assault - Beach Rd., Wahkon, 10:19 pm -

Saturday, April 17

Fire - Milaca, 12:12 am - Grass fire.

Fire - Onamia, 5:50 pm - Grass fire.

Assault - 370th St. Isle, 7:14 pm

Fire - Foreston, 10:27 pm - Grass fire.

Sunday, April 18

Missing adult - Onamia, 12:18 am - dispatch entry.

Animal - Meadow View Rd., Foreston, 6:11 pm - Cruelty to animals

Monday, April 19

Assault - Onamia, 2:47 pm

Domestic - Hwy 169 Onamia, 11:36 pm - Dom/DANCO viol

Tuesday, April 20

Theft - 185th St. Milaca, 11:35 am - Theft of mail.

Wednesday, April 21

Agency Assist - 130th Ave., Onamia, 1:47 pm - Juv complaint - threats with scissors.

Medical - Hwy 169 Onamia, 3:41 pm- medical seizure.

Agency Assist - 130 th Ave. Onamia, 4:02 pm - Juv complaint.

Medical - Garrison, 4:55 pm - Male slumper

Domestic - Lake Shore Blvd., Wahkon, 10:14 pm

Thursday, April 22

Animal - 170th Ave., Milaca, 11:52 am- Loose goats

Burglary - Vista Rd., Isle, 3:39 pm - dispatch entry

Burglary - Hwy 169 Onamia, 9:05 pm - Break in.

Jail Roster

Friday, April 9

Laska, Tricia, 38, 5th Deg. Drug poss, Misd. title trans, Misd. tresspass, Misd., esp. DL

Williams, Chelsey, 27, Fel 5th deg drug poss

Tessa, Frank, 30, Fel 5th deg drug poss

Virnig, Rebecca, 23, GM obst leg process

Saturday, April 10

Nayquanabe, William, 27, Fel harrassment

Rawls, Zachary, 19, Fel dom assault

Sunday, April 11

Burr, Samantha, 31, Fel 5th deg drugs, GM 5th deg drugs, Misd needle poss, GM drug para, Crow Wing Co warrant, Fel poss shoplifting, Hennepin Co warrant, Fel 5th deg drugs

Leecy, Justin, 24, Fel child neglect x2, GM child endangerment x2, Misd dom assault x2

Merrill, Lorenzo, 35, Fel 5th deg drugs, GM introduce contraband, GM DAC

Sam, Joslyn, 30, Fel aid abet 1st deg robbery, MLC warrant, Fel 5th deg drugs x2, Fel 5th deg drugs

Sam, Robert, 54, MLC warrant, Misd trespass, Misd theft, Fel check forg, Fel 2nd deg burgarly

Monday, April 12

Nickaboine, Levin, 22, Fel. DANCO viol, Fel. Dom. asslt, Fel 2nd deg. asslt, Fel 1st deg CDTP, 5th degree drug poss.

Kegg, Levi, 26, GM obst of leg process, Fel assaut

Wednesday, April 14

Kegg, Levi, 26, Obst. Leg. Pro, Felony assault.

Nelson, Ashley, 28, MLC Marrant, Fel theft

Boyd, Damien, 26, MLC warrant, Fel 1st deg agg robbery, Fel simple robbery, MLC warrant, Fel 5th deg drugs.

Hallin, Austin, 28, Misd domestic

Josie, Floyd, 69, Fel fleeing in motor vehicle, Fel 1st deg drugs, GM DAC-IPS, MLC warrant

Thursday, April 15

Kegg, Lance, 37,DOC A&D hold, Fel rev of stay

Nickaboine, Lucas, 30, MLC warrant, Fel fleeing, Misd DANCO, Misc DAR, MLC Warratn, Fel Agg robbery, Fel theft, MLC warrant, Fel 1st deg CDTP, Misd DANCO, Misd careless driving, MLC warrant, Fel theft, DANCO, MLC warrant, Fel 1st deg burglary x2, Fel stalking, Misd dom assault, Misd DANCO x2, Misd 4th deg CDTP, Fel Stalking, Misd DANCo x2, Misd dom assault

Sam, Bradley, 39, MLC warrrant, Fel 5th deg drugs, MLC warrant, GM 5th degree, MN Doc warrant, Fel rev of stay

Reierson, Cassandra, 26, Misd domestic

Friday, April 16

Beamish, Jared, 45, MLC warrant, Fel no contact order

Gahbow, Jared, 35, MLC warrant, Fel fleeing in MV, Fel 5th deg drug poss, Misd Fleeing on foot, MLC warrant, Fel 5th deg drug poss, GM DAC, MLC warrant, Fel 1st deg Agg robbery, GM dom asslt, MLC warrant, Fel 5th deg drug poss

Saturday, April 17

Belgarde, Dawn, 34, Fel 2nd deg asslt, GM 5th deg drug poss, MG DAC, MLC Warratn, GM DAC-IPS, Misd No insurance, MLC warrant, GM DWI, GM 2nd deg DWI

Hammil, Thomas, 55, Fel 5th deg drug poss

Sunday, April 18

Smith, Travis, 41, MLC warrant, GM escape from sustody, GM 5th deg drug poss, PM para, GM false name to PO, Fel 5th deg drug poss,  Fel rec stolen prop, Fel 5th deg drug poss

Monday, April 19

Nickaboine, Maureen, 62, MLC warrant, Fel 5th deg drugs

Pendegayosh, Phillip, 22, MLC warrant, Misd DAS, Misd poss need, Misd no MV insurnace, GM 5th deg drug poss, PM poss para, Fel HRO viol, GM dom asslt x2

Zabloski, Jamie, 29, Fel 5th deg drugs poss x2, MLC warrant, GM intro cont into jail, Misd DANCO viol, Misd needle poss, GM 5th deg drug poss, Misd DAR, Misd rec stol prop, Misd DANCO viol x2, Misd di con, Misd obst leg pro, Misd dom asslt x2, Misd tresspass, Misd dom asslt

Tuesday, April 20

Rawls, Zachary, 19, GM DANCO viol, Misd dom asslt

Hanson, Blake, 25, MLC warrant, Fel receiving stolen prop, Fel fleeing, GM 5th deg drugs

Johnson, Erik, 32, Fel 5th deg drugs, GM obstruction

Maclean, Alyssa, 32, DOC warrant, Fel check forgery

Plombon, Jeremy, 34, MLC warrant, Fel receiving stolen prop, Fel theft, Fel 5th deg drugs

Wednesday, April 21

Nickaboine, Gerald, 25, Fel theft, Fel CVO, GM fleeing in mot veh, GM reckless driv

Clark, Alissa, 22, MLC warrant, Fel theft, Fel rec stolen prop, Fel 5th deg drug poss

Koran, Terry, 59, HF DOC, Fel rev of stay

Moua, Yeng, 35, MLC warrant, GM escape from custody

Potter, William, 40, MLC warrant, Fel 5th deg drug poss

Robinson, Robert, 28, HF DOC fel rev of stay

Thursday, April 22

Garbow, Benjamin, 40, MLC warrant, Fel flee in MV, Misd DAS, Misd poss needles

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