Sheriff’s Report

Friday, September 24

Disturbance, Ringneck Roost, Garrison, 2:04 pmDisturbance, Hwy 169, Onamia, 3:54 pm

Child neglect, Hwy 169, Onamia, 6:31 pm

Car vs bear, Onamia, 11:38 pm

Saturday, September 25

Car vs deer, Isle, 5:41 am

Theft, Lost Creek, Garrison, 5:57 am

Burglary, Tally Rd, Onamia, 3:40 pm

Lift assist, Schubert St, Wahkon, 4:52 pm

VW tags, Garrison, 8:35 pm

Sunday, September 26

Driving Complaint, Hwy 169, Garrison, 1:28 am

Suspicious activity, 250th St, Onamia, 8:25 am

Possible slumper, NB Hwy 169, Onamia, 4:15 pm

Disturbance, 100th Ave, Onamia, 8:36 pm

Monday, September 27

Slumper, Wahkon, 5:13 am

Welfare check, Swing Away, Garrison, 3:30 pm

Traffic, 92nd Ave, Onamia, 5:30 pm

Domestic, Shakopee Lake Rd, Onamia, 8:24 pm

Tuesday, September 28

Dumpster fire, Shakopee Lake Rd, Onamia, 5:21 am

Property exchange, Hwy 169, Onamia, 9:33 am

Domestic, Migizi Dr, Onamia, 1:19 pm

Juvenule complaint, 115th Ave, Onamia, 9:48 pm

Wednesday, September 29

Found mail, 100th Ave, Onamia, 2:18 am

Suspicious activity, Twilight Rd, Onamia, 8:28 am

Suspicious activity, Hwy 169, Onamia, 3:32 pm

Theft of a dog, Mulligan Rd, Garrison, 4:26 pm

Thursday, September 30

Fraud-forgery scam, 85th Ave, Onamia, 9:02 am

Domestic violence court, Wind Ln, Onamia, 11:32 am

Animal, 100th Ave, Onamia, 4:47 pm

Mailbox vandalism, 30th Ave, Isle, 2:49 pm

Jail Roster

Friday, September 24

Joseph Beaulieu, 27, MLC wrnt, fel dom asslt

Javon Boone, 31, MLC wrnt, fel 5th deg drug poss, GM DWI

Loyn Deyhle, 26, MISD danco vio, MLC wrnt, GM 5th deg drugs, MISD pharm poss

Joseph Geist, 26, fel bribery, GM false name, MISD theft

Timothy Heidenrich, 49, MLC wrnt, MISD child supp

Saturday, September 25

Scott Bemis, 50, fel 3rd deg asslt, MISD disord cond

Edwin Flores, 27, GM 5th deg drugs

Clintin Smith, 24, MLC wrnt, GM DWI, MISD x3 obst leg, open bot, driv after rev

Sunday, September 26


Monday, September 27

Natasha Sam, 27, MLC wrnt, fel 5th deg drugs

Jourdan Harris, 25, MLC wrnt, fel 5th deg drugs, GM 5th deg drugs, MISD DWI

Jessica Krsek, 27, MLC wrnt, fel 2nd deg drugs, fel 5th deg drugs, GM 5th deg drugs

Gary Palmer, MLC wrnt, fel terr threats, fel harr

Harry Sandoz, 64, fel 5th deg drugs, MISD DAR, MISD traff off, PM drug poss

Chris Wills, 38, MLC wrnt, GM DACIPS, MISD fail to stop at sign, PM rear lamps

Shane Earth, 30, MISD x2, dom asslt, 5th deg asslt

Robert Haberman, 46, MLC wrnt, fel 5th deg drugs

Kirby Benjamin, 25, MLC wrnt, fel drugs

Tuesday, September 28

Joslyn Sam, 30, MLC wrnt x3, fel agg robb 1st deg, fel drugs x2, fel drugs

Rueben Taylor, 28, fel 5th deg drugs, MISD drug poss

Abby Pollari, 22, MLC wrnt, GM x2, 4th deg asslt, obst leg proc

Benjamin Woullet, 38, MISD x 4, DWI, DWI 4th deg, DAR, open bottle, PM traff reg x2

Charles Dobson, 43, GM DWI, MISD x2, open bot, DWI

Kalin Thoms, 27, MLC wrnt, GM 5th deg drugs 

Wednesday, September 29

Thomas Bouressa, 48, fel 5th deg drugs

Karlin Korvela, 39, MLC wrnt, fel lottery fraud

Burt Reed, 44, MLC wrnt, GM DAC-IPS

Leah Meyer, 39, MISD asslt

Tyrese Smith, 21, MLC wrnt x4, MISD x3, obst leg proc x2, DIS cond, fel 1st deg agg rob, fel 3rd deg asslt, fel 2nd deg CSC x3

Beth Wakanabo, 34, Itasca wrnt, 5th deg asslt, Polk wrnt, GM DWI

Ruben Wind, 34, fel viol NCO

Michael Taylor, 48, MLC wrnt, MISD theft

Thursday, September 30

Jeffrey Anderson, 55, MLC wrnt, fel 5th deg drug poss

Robert Longen, 36, fel weapons poss

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