Sheriff’s Report

Friday, May 14

Search warrant - 250th St, Onamia, 4:27 am - dispatch entry, search warrant.

Theft - 125th Ave, Onamia, 3:27 pm- dispatch entry, motor vehicle theft.

Domestic - 340th St, Onamia, 5:34 pm - dispatch entry, check welfare.

Burglary - Journey’s End, Garrison, 8:10 pm - dispatch entry, burglary/theft of game station games.

Assault - Shakopee Lake Rd, Onamia, 10:18 pm - dispatch entry assault.

Suspicious activity - Mulligan Rd, Garrison, 11:50 pm - dispatch entry, suspicious van.

Saturday, May 15

Assault - 10th Ave, Isle, 1:23 am - dispatch entry, assault.

Burglary - Captive Lake Rd, Garrison, 4:01 pm - dispatch entry, theft.

Accident - Shakopee Lake Rd, Onamia, 5:49 pm - dispatch entry, hut and run property damage.

Fire - Onamia, 7:59 pm - dispatch entry, electrical fire in car.

Sunday, May 16

Suspicious activity - Hwy 169, Onamia, 12:10 am - dispatch entry, suspicious people in driveway.

Noise complaint - Chesley Ct, Garrison, 12:03 am - dispatch entry, loud music.

Noise complaint - 235th St, Milaca, 9:48 pm - dispatch entry, fireworks complaint.

Domestic - 110th Ave, Milaca, 11:12 pm - dispatch entry, verbal domestic.

Monday, May 17

Fire - 140th St, Milaca , 4:59 pm - dispatch entry, field fire.

Suspicious activity - Hunters Haven, Garrison, 5:43 pm.

Tuesday, May 18

Search warrant - 440th St and Hwy 47, Isle, 11:57 am - dispatch entry, search warrant.

Harassment complaint - 40th Ave, Isle, 2:12 pm - dispatch entry, harassment via Instagram/matter resolved.

Tresspass complaint - 130th Ave, Onamia, 2:40 pm - dispatch entry, encroaching on property.

Wednesday, May 19

Drugs - Onamia, 8:23 am - dispatch entry, found drugs.

Suspicious activity - Shakopee Lake Rd, Onamia, 10:59 am - dispatch entry, suspicious person.

Theft - Hwy 47, Isle, 1:40 pm.

Thursday, May 20

Animal - 110th Ave, Milaca/Foreston, 7:26 am - dispatch entry, loose bull.

Noise complaint - Hwy 27, Onamia, 1:54 pm - dispatch entry, loud music.

Theft - Hwy 169, Onamia, 9:09 pm - dispatch entry, theft of catalytic converter.

Jail Roster

Friday, May 14

Dylan Anderson, 30, felony 5th degree drug possession, misdemeanor driving after revocation, misdemeanor motor vehicle registration, misdemeanor no insurance, misdemeanor title transfer.

Arnold Belgarde, 40, misdemeanor DANCO violation, misdemeanor domestic assault x2.

Jared Norman, 35, felony 2nd degree assault, felony terroristic threats, misdemeanor interfere 911 call, misdemeanor disorderly, misdemeanor obstruction.

Saturday, May 15

Demia Crapser, 56, felony threats of violence, felony 2nd degree assault.

William Nayquonabe, 27, felony 3rd degree assault, felony 5th degree assault.

Derrek Rudolph, 44, felony domestic assault, felony 5th degree drugs.

Dallas Sam, 32, felony tampering with witness x2, felony 2nd degree assault.

Daniel Wiedewitsch, 38, felony 2nd degree assault, misdemeanor domestic assault.

Sunday, May 16

Brandon Delaittre, 40, gross misdemeanor 2nd degree DWI, misdemeanor open bottle.

Clinton Schroeder, 47, felony domestic assault, new felony domestic assault.

Monday, May 17

Troy Beck, 57, misdemeanor domestic assault.

Kevin Bradish, 33, misdemeanor DANCO violation x2.

Derrick Demps, 33, felony 5th degree drug possession, felony 1st degree burglary x2, felony 3rd degree assault.

Justin Gomez, 32, felony 5th degree drug possession.

Tyrese Smith, 20, felony 1st degree aggravated robbery, felony 3rd degree assault, misdemeanor obstruction legal process, misdemeanor obstruction legal process, misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Tuesday, May 18

Justin Anderson, 22, gross misdemeanor traffic, proof of insurance, misdemeanor driving after revocation.

Jeremy Drumbeater, 34, felony assault 3rd degree, gross misdemeanor assault 5th degree.

Michael Heaton, 57, felony 5th degree drug possession.

Jocelyn Lagarde, 20, gross misdemeanor drug possession, felony 3rd degree assault, felony theft.

Carl Matusovic, 54, felony theft-take/drive motor vehicle, misdemeanor theft, misdemeanor tresspass, misdemeanor no proof of insurance.

Joshua Pendegayosh, 29, felony 5th degree drug possession.

Makayla Rothbauer, 21, gross misdemeanor drug possession.

Jordan Smith, 22, gross misdemeanor 5th degree possession, misdemeanor DANCO.

Wednesday, May 19

Curk McGraw, 36, felony 2nd degree burglary.

Jodi Nickaboine, 24, misdemeanor obstruct legal process, felony assault 5th degree.

Todd Quale, 31, felony stalking.

Sheldon Garbow, 30, felony domestic assault.

Roger Lind, 30, Texas warranty, parole violation.

Michelle Mitchell, 42, felony 5th degree drug possession.

James Rachal, 30, fross misdemeanor 2nd degree DWI.

Christopher Rimmer, 30, gross misdemeanor driving after cancellation.

Liberty Satonica, 25, misdemeanor DANCO, misdemeanor domestic assault x2.

Elliot Smith, 43, felony theft.

Kristina Wald, 48, gross misdemeanor DWI.

Thursday, May 20

Thomas Bouressa, 48, felony 5th degree drug possession x2, misdemeanor trespass.

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