Sheriff’s Report

Editor’s note: The Mille Lacs Messenger did not receive the sheriff’s report prior to printing deadline. 

Jail Roster

Friday, October 22

Randall Nickaboine, 24, MLC wrnt

Branden Fourre, 32, fel P.V. danco viol

Saturday, October 23

Archie Saros, 24, GM danco viol

Ryan Swanson, 43, misd asslt 5th deg, misd disord cond

Sunday, October 24


Monday, October 25

Elesie Lang, 27, GM DWI 2nd deg x2, GM DWI

Mitchell Hallmon, 35, MLC wrnt, fel drugs 1st deg sale, drugs 1st deg poss

Shannon Nance, 51, MLC wrnt

Tuesday, October 26

Bradley Weyaus, 20, misd das, misd poi, MLC wrnt misd poss needles

Michael Sandaker, 39, fel dom asslt

Travis Smith, 42, MLC wrnt fel drugs 5th deg

Leah Christiansen, 28, MLC wrnt GM P.V. DWI

Denise Day, 50, MLV wrnt fel P.V. 5th deg drug poss

Donovan Edgington, 20, misd danco viol

Deon Fineday, 22, Scott co wrnt only, misd false name

Edward Nadeau, 24, GM false name, MLC wrnt GM 5th deg drug possScott co wrnt only, misd false name

Wednesday, October 27

Carisa Kern, 32, GM 3rd deg DWI

Raquel Maurstad, 20, misd dom asslt, MLC wrnt x3, misd unins veh, GM test ref, misd DWI, misd underage drinking and drive, misd obst leg pro, fel 5th deg drug poss, GM 5th deg drug poss, misd obst leg pro

Jordan Anderson, 26, fel drugs 5th deg x2

Kirby Benjamin, 26, MLC wrnt fel drugs 5th deg x2

Michael Eggum, 45, fel drugs 5th deg

Brandon Fuchs, 23, MLC wrnt fel theft, misd unreg veh

Lawrence Meyer, 45, DWI 2nd deg

Elexsis Moody, 26, fel drugs

Howard Shaw, 47, MLC wrnt misd contempt - fail to pay child support

Benjamin Woullet, 29, MLC wrnt fel asslt 2nd deg, fel dom asslt, GM asslt 4th deg

Thursday, October 28

Jeremy Harrington, 45, P.V. fel drugs 5th deg

Mathew Chapel, 29, misd dom asslt

Leah Meyer, 39, fel dom asslt strangulation, GM danco, GM asslt 4th deg

Desmond Sam, 43, fel danco viol, misd obst leg process

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