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Jail Roster

Friday, November 5

Jonathan Phipps, 33, fel damage to prop

Saturday, November 6

Ashley Wilhelm, 35, GM esc from cust

Kelvin Shingobe, 57, MLC wrnt, GM dac, misd motor veh reg

Jessica Peck, 34, HF Benton Co, GM 2nd deg DWI

Gregory Hamilton, 36, misd false name, pm drugs 

Sunday, November 7

Antonia Wadena, 25, misd driving after rev 

Victoria Saldana, HF Benton Co GM theft

Clinton Schroeder, 47,  MLC x3, fel 1st deg burg x2, fel dom asslt x2, fel danco viol x3

Vicki Middendorf, 48, HF Benton co, misd danco viol 

Brittany Biermaier, 33, HF Benton co fel 2nd deg drug poss

Monday, November 8

Jamie Zabloski, 30, misd trespas, misd obst leg pro, misd poss needles

Jonanthan Nickaboine, 41, MLC wrnt, GM dac-ips 

Brandi Benjamin, 28, MLC wrnt, GM 3rd deg DWI

Tuesday, November 9

Charles Shingobe, 42, MN doc wrnt fel burg

Russel Roberts, 41, fel 5th deg drug poss, misd das, misd poi, misd poss para

Jesus Leal, 41, GM 4th deg asslt, GM dac-ips, misd ignition interlock

Trisha Huerta, 31, Crow Wing Co wrnt, fel 1st deg burg

Amanda Thelen, 32, HF Benton Co misd no ins

Philip Benjamin, 35, fel 5th deg drug poss, pm poss drug para, MLC wrnt x5, misd dom asslt x2, misd dis con, fel 5th deg drug poss, fel 5th deg drug poss, fel 5th deg drug poss, misd poss neddles, fel P.V. 5th deg drug poss

Roland Dorr, 46, MLC wrnt GM theft

Wednesday, November 10

Chaz Pendegayosh-Blake, 23,  fel agg robb

Joseph Hanson, 22, MLC wrnt GM 2nd deg DWI x2, misd dar, misd proof of ins, misd speed

Kailee Blackledge, 29, misd danco

Thursday, November 11

James Shelton, 54, fel 1st deg DWI, GM dac-ips, GM driving rest x2, misd anotherd mv reg

Angela Vanheel, 44, GM 2nd deg DWI

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