Isle/Onamia athletic directors

The brass

Isle and Onamia activities directors Tyler Soderstrom (left) and Jason Leonard (right) have had to deal with some tough situations during the past school year, especially with regard to the protocols of the Covid-19 virus in relation to their school’s  sports programs.

Remainder of seasons in flux

For a variety of reasons, Onamia and Isle High Schools canceled their scheduled Oct. 23 football games.

Reliable sources tell the Messenger that there was a positive Covid-19 issue with the Onamia Panthers football squad that caused the team to go into quarantine for a period of time. So, the scheduled Oct. 23 away game with Cromwell was canceled.

As for Isle, their Friday night game with Ogilvie was also canceled, because of two snowstorms during the week prior to Oct. 23 which made it hard to get field conditions at Isle ready for safe play.

Also, due to five injuries over the first two weeks and one player leaving school sick on Friday, the Huskies’ roster of 16 was whittled down to just 10 players to make up their 9-man team, leaving coaches with doubts about whether to risk any more injuries to players going up against a Lions team of 36 men.

As for Isle and Onamia making up those games, the Minnesota State High School League has no open dates for make-up games . The MSHSL also states that un-played games count as “no games played,” therefore there is no such thing as forfeits involved by either team.

On paper, the two schools each have three regular-season games remaining before sectional playoffs.

As of Monday, Oct. 26 some of those remaining volleyball and football games may also be in jeopardy.

Because of protocols surrounding the Covid-19 virus situation in the county, OHS chose to change their learning model starting Oct. 26. The junior and senior highs are moving to full distance learning, and all sports activities were canceled indefinitely.

As for Isle High, they have been in what is termed a “hybrid” learning model, which means students attend school four days per week and spend one day in the distance learning mode.This model, as of Oct. 26, does not interupt sports activities for IHS teams. The football team is still scheduled to play McGregor on Oct. 30 at McGregor, but the home and away volleyball games versus East Central were cancelled because the Eagles were shut down due to the Covid issue.

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