The Onamia Panthers girls basketball team won their 12th game of the season after splitting a pair of games last week—losing to Sebeka and beating Isle.


The visiting Sebeka Trojans jumped out to a 20-point lead in the first half against the home team Onamia Panthers on Feb. 3, thanks in part to posting eight 3-pointers.

Onamia outscored their guests by seven points in the second period, but it was too-little-too-late.

Final score: Sebeka 74, Onamia 61 in this non-conference loss.

Lily Orazem led Onamia in offense with 25 points.

Sebeka 43 31 74

Onamia 23 38 61

Scoring: Orazem 25, Saboo 9, Smith 9, Mitchell 6, Barnett 5, Emerson 5, Balder 2.


The home team Isle Huskies started the game against the cross-county rival Onamia Panthers on Feb. 7 with a 5-0 run, but Onamia followed with a 31-10 rush to intermission with the help of 30 of the 31 points coming from Lily Orazem and Molly Saboo.

The Panthers built a 30-point lead mid-way through the second half and fielded their bench players during the final seven minutes.

Final score: Onamia 63, Isle 32.

Onamia finished the game shooting 42 percent from the field, led by 33 points from Orazem.

Isle shot 20 percent from the field with Carly Gallion’s nine points leading her team.

The teams combined for 55 turnovers. Onamia had 26 field goals compared to 12 for Isle.

Onamia 31 32 63

Isle 15 17 32

Scoring: Isle: Gallion 9, Remer 5, Miller 5, Ajax 4, Schmitz 3, Spengler 2, Big Bear 2, C. Merrill 2. Onamia: Orazem 33, Saboo 12, Mitchell 6, Biniek 3, Oehrlein 3, Rogers 2, Barnett 3, Emerson 1.

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