OHS Football - Cayden Eagle

Eagle in charge

Onamia sophomore Cayden Eagle has taken over at quarterback for the Panthers following a season-ending injury to starter Noah Rohloff.

There was a time last week when Onamia’s scheduled homecoming football foe, the Cromwell-Wright Cardinals, did not know if they would have enough bodies to field a complete 9-man squad. The Cards did muster 13 players and arrived to take on the Panthers on Sept. 27.

In a tight game between two evenly matched teams, Onamia came out on the short end of a 15-12 loss.

Onamia had a couple chances to score in the first half, but ended up turning the ball over on downs twice and punted twice. Cromwell’s three offensive series of the first half ended in one turned over on downs, one fumbled away and one touchdown.

The second half began with a weird set of circumstances. Cromwell fumbled away the opening kickoff recovered by Josh Parrow. Onamia then fumbled away their ensuing offensive play, followed by Cromwell fumbling away their ensuing first play recovered by Onamia’s Brady Husom. That good field position led to Onamia’s first touchdown, capped off with a neat 10-yard run by Parrow. But the Cards responded in kind on their next drive with what proved to be the winning score.

Onamia’s Colin Goor recovered a Bulldog fumble late in the third quarter, and seven plays later, the Panthers turned that good fortune into a touchdown to pull to within three points of the lead.

Very late in the fourth period, Onamia found their way to the Cromwell five yardline following a 14-play drive, but the Panthers fumbled away their chance to take the lead.

 Cromwell 0 7 8 0 15

Onamia 0 0 12 0 12

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