It was a busy opener over the weekend, and I didn’t hear anyone complaining about the weather – although someone may have said it was too nice! A lot of my friends and I are hanging out in the mid-depth sand and rocks and saw lots of boat shadows overhead. We will probably be in the same general locations for a few more weeks.

 There were lots of people drifting lindy rigs and jigging during the day with minnows and leeches and anchoring up with bobbers in the evening as well. Also a few boats trolling crankbaits trying to dodge the bobber boats – kind of fun to watch the traffic jams. All of their offerings look so tasty, but I have to continually remind my friends and myself to not get fooled.

 Another area that is productive, but tends to get overlooked as the season progresses, is the inlets – any kind of moving water. My friends are probably going to get mad at me for letting the cat out of the bag, but they hold lots of food. And with all this food, it’s really hard not to indulge once in awhile. I’m really surprised how many of my buddies are hanging around there. It’s like an all you can eat buffet, but you just have to watch out for the ones that sting you. In the immortal words of Mr. Krabs, from my favorite show, Spongebob Squarepants, “Don’t go near dem hooks!” Good advice, but hard not to want to eat that tasty bait!

Slack lines and tight lips,


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