Wally Finn

As of Friday, July 16, walleye anglers will be able to target their favorite species again (me) and catch and release will resume until Sept. 16 when another harvest season is currently scheduled. So no time like the present to get out there and enjoy the great walleye fishing the big lake has to offer.

Right now, water temps are such that just about any tactic will work. So if you’ve been wanting to try a new method, the fish are biting. Bobber fishing and lindy rigging are probably two of the stand by methods, but spinner fishing and trolling crankbaits can be fun as well and seem to be overlooked by a lot of anglers on Mille Lacs.

Spinner trolling is a great way to cover water because you can go a little faster than lindy rigging, and when the fish grabs the bait, you don’t have to give them line either. Generally, it’s game on. Same with crankbait trolling. When the fish grabs the bait, it’s on, without the usual “how much time should I give them before setting the hook” routine. Both of these tactics have lower odds of deep hooking a fish as well, and that is very important for fish that are going to be released.

This phase of the catch and release season will go until Sept. 15. If all goes as planned, the DNR will open up the harvest season again on Sept 16 with one fish allowed between 21 inches and 23 inches or one fish over 28 inches until Nov. 30 when the winter regulations will be announced.

Loose line and tight lips,


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