Wally Finn

With the July 1 shutdown coming fast, anglers may be wondering what to do with themselves for those two weeks until the walleye season re-opens on July 16 for more catch and release. Well, there are a number of options.

If you still want to fish for walleyes,  unfortunately you’ll have to go to another lake. The good news is there is actually a plethora of good walleye lakes in the area – and you can actually keep some on those lakes as well.

But if you want to continue fishing on the big pond, you’ll have to shift your efforts to something other than walleyes. But there’s good news there as well because Mille Lacs does have a great population of other species beside walleyes. Like smallmouth, hard not to like a great fighting arial acrobatic fish like that, and they’re fairly easy to catch. You can do it on the same rod you use for walleyes. That’s a win win!

Just find some rocks and throw just about anything rubber down there and you’re bound to catch one sooner or later. Topwater is another solid choice, and it doesn’t get much better than watching your bait get inhaled off the surface. Just make sure you give them time to get the bait in their mouth and don’t set the hook too soon!

Next week, I’ll talk a little about catching some northern pike out there. They fight hard as well, and the right sized ones sure make a good fish fry. You just have to know how to get the y-bones out. But I’ve heard there’s a lot of Youtube videos out there on that.

Loose lines and tight lips,


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