Thanks to local representative

Thank you to Sondra Erickson for supporting police officers and public safety efforts during legislative session. On behalf of our state’s police officers, corrections officers, and dispatchers, we’re writing to publicly say ‘thank you’ to Representative Sondra Erickson for her steadfast support of increased public safety efforts during the past legislative session in St. Paul.

With increasing crime, it’s especially important to stop all efforts to defund, demoralize or demonize public safety officials who keep communities safe by deterring lawbreaking and aiding victims of crime.

Rep. Erickson is a tremendous advocate for our first responders and public safety officials and stood against attempts to defund and dismantle the police. She voted to promote public safety legislation such as pay raises for law enforcement officers and investments in training programs.

Thank you for supporting public safety and law enforcement.

Brian Peters

Executive Director Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association

Avoid Medicare Advantage hucksters

Persistent, annoying junk mail and TV ads pressure older adults to “call now.”  Low premiums, dental and eyewear benefits: “Don’t lose out!”  Callers get connected to a salesperson shilling Medicare Advantage.  

At the Seven County Senior Federation, we prefer to share the whole story.  Forgive my fishy theme.

• Dental and eyewear benefits sure make for an attractive lure, but know they are baited onto a sharp hook!  

• By biting that lure, you would replace your Original Medicare (& current other plans) with their Medicare Advantage plan for a calendar year.  

• As the fish, you might get fried financially if you get stuck with a plan that is a bad fit for your health and drug needs.

• As the fish you might get steamed as you receive bills for care while in the plan’s limited network and even bigger bills for “out-of-network” care.

• A muskie could swim through the big holes in the “net”work of providers offered by some Advantage plans; network information is often only online.

• Corporations reel you in by offering hefty sales commissions to the sales agent, whom you may never hear from again.

• Corporations offering Advantage plans always win, getting $800 per month from the Feds for every fish on their stringer.  

• Not all the Medicare Advantage plans stink, but there is a lot of compost in the marketplace, especially via these slimy sales tactics!

My advice:

• If a company is working that hard to move a product, there must be a catch.

• These are not the companies you want to do business with.  Just ignore them.

It’s almost time to rethink your optional coverage choices, all designed to fill Original Medicare’s holes.  The Annual Open Enrollment is October 15 to December 7, 2021. You can add, drop or change plans during that period and the new choices take effect in 2022.

Want to really understand your options for Medicare?  Chat with a trusted source. The Senior Federation (866) 679-4700 and the Senior LinkAge Line (800) 333-2433 are your local “explainers.”  

Lisa Krahn

Executive director of Seven County Senior Federation


Thank you to Isle Lions

A huge “Thank You” the Isle Lions and the City of Isle for upgrading our library!  We now have a hands-free door opener.  If your hands are full of books, or children, or a walker, or you just want to keep your hands clean, you can open the door with a wave of your hand!

Wendy Kafka, Secretary

Friends of Mille Lacs Lake Library

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