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Dale Beihoffer, a World War II Navy veteran and current resident of Aitkin, will be celebrating his 100th birthday on Feb. 29.

Mizner began making her own homemade soap in 2014 for personal use. Her husband, Thomas, worked with concrete at the time and developed rashes…

Thomas Mizner and wife Pamela both work at Gramma’s Pantry on Minnesota Ave. in Aitkin, where Pamela sells her soap. Thomas frequently helps w…

Debby uses goat milk, which she acquires from several dairy goats on her farm, to mix with the lye solution.

Debby Flowers, owner of Ole Lake Farm along with her husband, Kevin, also uses the cold soap-making process, with a twist.


Soap-making is a several-thousand-year-old practice that can be traced back to Babylonians, who boiled fats and ash and mixed the resulting su…


Be You Nutrition began selling its healthy meal replacements on Jan. 6 this year.

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