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March 7, 2016 - Joe Biden, expecting applause and getting none after a speech to troops stationed at Al Dhafra Air Base: "clap, you stupid bast**ds!".  Once they began with little applause, he continued, "Man, you are a dull bunch".

Look it up Wayne..

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Well written Rob...thanks!

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Very clearly stated Dallas. Thanks. Most pastors today lack the courage to speak this truth.

You're wrong on two accounts Lynn:

1) Nothing is "free"

2) Minnesota has many "free" COVID testing sites. From the MDH website:

"The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) works in partnership with communities to provide safe and free on-site COVID-19 testing."

All this talk about "safety", yet no one defines it. Not one K-12 age human in the state of Minnesota has died from the coronas, not one. That's not safe enough? Your attempt at making this all about safety and not a political issue is baseless.

Riverwood Healthcare Center employs about 300 people. Has there ever been a discussion about shutting down Riverwood? No. It was logically deemed essential. And, Riverwood and it's employees figured out quickly how to operate safely amongst the COVID's and serve the folks in need...includ…

David...Let me add a little factual color to just how much of a hater blacks think Trump is, in contrast to Obama:

Polling on racial relations turned overwhelmingly negative during the last half of Obama’s administration. Nearly 70% of Americans said in July 2016 that race relations…

Promoting racial hated isn't love. If there's any one thing Obama did for blacks, it was make them feel content with not working, and making them feel more sorry for themselves as people by blaming all their problems on cops and white people. He knowing did that with evil intentions, that…

It's amazing the depth of hated a few have of a man who's done so much good for the world. 

As Mark Twain said - "Anger is an acid that does more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured".

On this Easter Sunday, we can only pray that at s…

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Yes, Stacey, we should use common sense. But, I don't think you understand where the public is coming from. The people's confidence in global organizations, like WHO, is not great. You citing data from them decreases your credibility. Here'a what a more credible source said very recently:…